What does BS mean in Architecture?

This page is about the meanings of the abbreviation/acronym/shorthand BS in the Academic Science field in general and in the Architecture terminology in particular.

Browser all definations, full forms meanings acronyms and abbreviations related to BS in Architecture.

Abbreviation : BS

What is full form of BS ?

BS---Business Studies

BS---Broad Specificity

BS---British Standard

BS---Business School

BS---Binary Search

BS---Baltic Shield

BS---Busted Students

BS---Beginning of Survey

BS---Bachelor of Science

BS---Biomedical Sciences

BS---Base Saturation

BS---Brown Student

BS---British Standard

BS---Ball State University

BS---Bulk Sample

BS---Beam Splitter

BS---Beautiful Sunshine

BS---Baryon Strangeness

BS---Bica and Schmitt

BS---Burrell Schmidt telescope

BS---Basel Stadt

BS---British Standard

BS---Base Station