What does CP mean in Botany?

This page is about the meanings of the abbreviation/acronym/shorthand CP in the Academic Science field in general and in the Botany terminology in particular.

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Abbreviation : CP

What is full form of CP ?

CP---Circular Polarized

CP---Closure Preserving

CP---Construction Permit

CP---Center of Pressure

CP---Critical Point

CP---Crude Protein

CP---Chemically Pure

CP---Community Psychology

CP---Continuous Propagation

CP---Coulomb Potential

CP---Critical Power

CP---Central Peak

CP---City Planning

CP---Chip Place

CP---Cathodic Protection

CP---Cambridge Pulsar

CP---Circular Polarized

CP---Cyclic Permutation

CP---Continental Polar

CP---Course Packet

CP---Conductive Polymer

CP---Capability Performance

CP---Critical Pair

CP---College Program

CP---Cyclic Prefix

CP---Campus Police

CP---Course Pack

CP---Completely Positive

CP---Carnivorous Plant

CP---Creatine Phosphate

CP---Constant Potential